"Life itself is a race, marked by a start and a finish. It is what we learn during the race, and how we apply it, that determines whether our participation has had particular value."

~ Ferry Porsche (1909-1988)


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210311E2102  SO ... How Are YOU?!

Much has occurred lately, as you no doubt know. This 2021 thing is starting to turn out to be alarmingly similar to the piece of shit we called 2020. I am disgusted and shocked by the amount of people (some of whom I've known) that have been dying recently, either directly due to, or as a result of, COVID-19 or its "complications".

Luckily, it seems, we must have completely eradicated influenza ("the flu") and many other annual killer diseases, infections, etc. It seems that, other than cancer, no one is dying from anything other than COVID-19. No, that guy DIDN'T die when he got hit by a freight train. He survived that, and then LATER died in the hospital due to COVID-19, or its "complications". Follow the money ... and the power/control.

Anyway, I have to do my random drug/alcohol screening tomorrow. No worries, I have been studying for the test, and I expect to ace that bitch.

Regardless, I have a VERY full schedule for Saturday (3/13/21). I will be busy in the morning, and drunk in the evening. Cheers!   Comments?

210228G1534  Welcome BACK!

As you may have noticed, this page has been down for quite a while. I determined at the time, as you can see below (OLD), that this page was unnecessary, mostly due to the presence of Facebook. Boy, was I wrong!

As a DIRECT result of Facebook, twitter, Google/YouTube shutting down President Trump's pages, I canceled mine, as well ... well, at least to the best of my ability (they make cancelling VERY difficult). I think I'm still on ALL of those platforms, but other than YouTube, I don't use or monitor any of the others.

At any rate, I'm back online. I hope you enjoy the changes, and I hope all of you and yours are doing well. Be safe.   Comments?

110705C2104  Welcome to July ... a Few Days Late!

As you may have noticed, I was a bit late doing the monthly changeover. I have been so insanely busy, I just haven't had the time. This is in addition to the fact that it's much easier for all involved to just "Friend" me on Facebook.

The renewal for this site, and all the rest of my sites, is in October. I have let several of my Web sites lapse (,,,, and most recently,, as I don't have time to do anything with them. On Facebook, I already have pages for myself, Ivan "the Terrible", The Federal Republic of Nassau West, and a few others.

With the advent of MySpace and Facebook, there's really no need for one to have their own personal Web site anymore, unless they're selling something, which I'm not. There's a very good chance that after more than 12 years of being a "Webmaster", I may no longer carry that title after October. It's just not necessary anymore.

When coupled with the fact that this Web site has only a few regular visitors, as opposed to my Facebook page, which gets plenty of activity, it's really not worth the effort. My main (non-me) visitor is my father, who is also on Facebook. Oh, and my anonymous Russian Federation friend who is apparently too much of a chicken shit to introduce their self.   Comments?

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